Mechanical Ride Rentals in Miami

Scott Zimmerman 

4 Station Bungee Trampoline

The most popular mechanical ride rental in Miami. Up tp four rides can strap in at a time. They can jump as high as they can all while doing flips in the air. This mechanical ride can now be seen at some malls and are very popular at carnivals, festivals, and fairs!



Herbie Smith

Single Station Bungee Trampoline

the single station bungee trampoline is much like the 4 station but only for single riders. This is used for smaller events like birthday parties. If you can't afford the the four station this is for the budget conscious consumer. Half the price and still all the fun!




Robert Bennett

Rockwall with 2 Station Trampoline

Have the best of both worlds with a 2 station bungee trampoline attached to a 4 station rockwall. Great for big events, carnivals, and festivals.





Jon Krause


Think you're  Michael Jordan? If you're not, you'll be all washed up in this competitive game of free throw fun. The Shoot-N-Shower is a great game for colleges, School events, company picnics. Two players shoot hoops for 20 seconds against their opponent, the highest score wins! The loser gets soaked!! Measures 8'Wx32L'x12'H




John Gillon

Mini Go Carts

Everyone likes to drive a go-kart, even the little ones. For all those little rascals 7 years old and younger who want to race, we have just the thing! The special track and smaller mini go-karts are perfect for little racers. Great for elementary school carnivals, fundraisers, and birthday parties. Call early to reserve the mini go carts as they rent very frequently.



Jon Krause

Merry Go Round

Merry go round rentals in Miami are very popular for the youngers kids. Our merry go round is one of the nicest looking in town and would look great at your event. Please call us with at least 2 to three weeks in advance if your interested in renting this ride for your event.





John Gillon

Ferris Wheel

No carnival is complete without a ferris wheel rental in Miami. With four cages that can sit kids up to 75lbs you cant go wrong with this rentals. Please call us way in advance to reserve the ferris wheel rental for your event! This Ferris Wheel Rental in Miami requires approx. 15ft. radius. The Ferris Wheel needs level, flat surface inorder to be set up..




Jon Krause

24Ft Rockwall

Rockwall Rentals in Miami are a very popular item for birthday parties, carnivals, and corporate events. A very competitive and challenging game as 4 riders compete to see who climbs the 24Ft wall first!





John Gillon

Snow Mountain

Have you or your kids ever experienced sliding on real snow? Now you can! We can set this up anywhere you like! Just give us a call and soon enough you'll have your own winter wonderland right here in south Florida!





Jon Krause

Trackless Train

The trackless train rentals in Miami are popular at every event. Whether its a birthday party, school carnival, church festival, or corporate event, the trackless train in sure to be a hit! It can be ridden by kids as well as adults, carries up to 18 passangers, and drives on any flat surface.




John Gillon

Ice Skating Arena

Let us set up your very own ice skating arena right in your very own backyard! This is such a fun experience for both novice as well as experienced ice skaters. Call us for more info!





Jon Krause

State Fair Slide

The state fair slide is a hit any any carnival or festival. Just like the one seen at the Miami-Dade County fair! With 3 lanes, and fun for all ages, this attraction is sure to be a hit at any event!





John Gillon

Tubs of Fun / Teacup Rental In Miami

The Tubs of Fun / teacup rentals in Miami twirls and whirls around!  A classic teacup styled ride that the whole family will enjoy.  The Tubs of Fun teacup carnival ride provides hours of entertainment for all ages 36" to Adult.




Jon Krause

Mind Winder

Mindwinder Rentals in Miami are action-packed rides that combines the thrill of a swing ride with the interaction of our Tubs of Fun.  As the ride rotates and the seats wing out, riders spin their tubs to create an exhilarating thrill for riders of all ages.